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http://Salmon%20Tandoori%20Fish $15

Salmon Tandoori Fish

Marinated in yogurt, seasoned with…

http://Lamb%20Chops $28

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops marinated in yogurt…

http://Chicken%20Seekh%20Kabab $15

Chicken Seekh Kabab

Prepared with minced chicken, in-house…

http://Chicken%20Tikka%20(Boneless) $15

Chicken Tikka (Boneless)

Chicken marinated in yogurt and…

http://Swaad%20Special%20Mutton%20Masala $16

Swaad Special Mutton Masala

Overnight marinated meat cooked on…

http://Lunch%20Buffet%20(Currently%20Unavailable) $18 - $21

Lunch Buffet (Currently Unavailable)

Includes starter, soup, salad, pickle,…

http://Butter%20Chicken%20(boneless) $16

Butter Chicken (boneless)

Marinated roasted chicken cooked in…

http://Punjabi%20Samosa%20(2pcs) $4

Punjabi Samosa (2pcs)

Golden brown deep-fried triangular potato…

http://Samosa%20Chaat $7

Samosa Chaat

Deep fried Samosa topped with…

http://Aloo%20Tikki%20Chaat $7

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crispy Aloo tikki topped with…

http://Onion%20Salad $4

Onion Salad

Onion Salad is a quick…

http://Shahi%20Paneer $13

Shahi Paneer

Freshly made cottage cheese pieces…

http://Kadai%20Paneer $14

Kadai Paneer

Delicious curry made with paneer,…

http://Veg%20Pakora $6

Veg Pakora

Crispy fried fritters made with…

http://Spring%20Rolls $4

Spring Rolls

Mixed veg savory filling wrapped…

http://Aloo%20Tikki%20(2pcs) $4

Aloo Tikki (2pcs)

Crispy, potato & Bengal gram…

http://Dahi%20Bhalla $7

Dahi Bhalla

Black gram lentils soft dumpling…

http://Green%20Salad $5

Green Salad

Green salad is good for…

http://Bhindi%20fry $12

Bhindi fry

A simple dry Indian okra…

http://Lamb%20Curry%20Special%20(boneless) $16

Lamb Curry Special (boneless)

Cooked to perfection with Indian…

http://Jeera%20Rice $7

Jeera Rice

Basmati rice tossed in Cumin…

http://Gulab%20Jamun $4

Gulab Jamun

Spongy milky balls soaked in…

http://Ice%20Tea $1.50

Ice Tea

Ice Tea

http://Mango%20shake $6

Mango shake

Tempting fruit drink made from…

http://Swaad%20special%20Moong%20Dal%20Halwa $7

Swaad special Moong Dal Halwa

Lip-smacking sweet, made with split…

http://Strawberry%20shake $6

Strawberry shake

Tempting fruit drink made from…

http://Vanilla%20shake $6

Vanilla shake

Smooth and creamy concoction of…

http://Kulfi $4


A frozen dairy dessert originated…

http://Chawal%20Di%20Kheer $5

Chawal Di Kheer

Rice pudding

http://Chocolate%20shake $6

Chocolate shake

Smooth and creamy concoction of…

http://Royal%20Faluda $8

Royal Faluda

Flavorful dessert beverage made with…

http://Jal%20Jeera $4

Jal Jeera

Refreshing beverage with mint, mild…

http://Salty%20Lassi $4

Salty Lassi

Yogurt drink with toasted cumin…

http://Chicken%20Tikka%20Wrap $11

Chicken Tikka Wrap

Chicken Tikka fillings rolled in…

http://Paneer%20Tikka%20Wrap $10

Paneer Tikka Wrap

Paneer Tikka fillings rolled in…

http://Chicken%20Dum%20Biryani $15

Chicken Dum Biryani

Aromatic premium basmati rice cooked…

http://Dahi%20Papdi%20Chaat $7

Dahi Papdi Chaat

Golden fried white flour crispies…

http://Chole%20Bhature $9

Chole Bhature

Large puffed fried bread served…

http://Chicken%20Pakora $13

Chicken Pakora

Chicken in a unique flavorful…

http://Chana%20Masala $12

Chana Masala

A favorite dish from north…

http://Mushroom%20Do%20Pyaza $12

Mushroom Do Pyaza

Button mushroom-onion cooked in a…

http://Plain%20Rice $5

Plain Rice

Aromatic Basmati rice cooked in…

http://Vegetable%20Dum%20Biryani $12

Vegetable Dum Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with marinated…

http://Matar%20Pulao $8

Matar Pulao

Basmati rice cooked with Peas,…

http://Swaad%20Spl%20Mutton%20Dum%20ki%20Biryani $16

Swaad Spl Mutton Dum ki Biryani

Aromatic premium basmati rice cooked…

http://Mango%20Lassi $5

Mango Lassi

Yogurt based mango smoothie

http://Pop%20Drinks $1.50

Pop Drinks


http://Rava%20Kesari $6

Rava Kesari

A hot delicacy of roasted…

http://Cutting%20Chai $2

Cutting Chai

A spiced black tea mixed…

http://Cucumber%20Raita $3

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber Raita is a variation…

http://Boondi%20Raita $3

Boondi Raita

Boondi Raita is a healthy…

http://Paneer%20Chilli $12

Paneer Chilli

Cottage Cheese fritters tossed with…

http://Sarso%20Da%20Saag $12

Sarso Da Saag

Mustard greens – spinach with…

http://Paneer%20Tikka $13

Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese cubes marinated in…

http://Paneer%20Bhurji $14

Paneer Bhurji

Medley of onions, tomatoes, spices…

http://Matar%20Paneer $12

Matar Paneer

Cottage cheese and peas are…

http://Veg%20Poutine $7

Veg Poutine

Veg Poutine with Fries, cheese…

http://Achari%20Chicken%20Tikka $15

Achari Chicken Tikka

Lipsmacking boneless chicken chunks marinated…

http://Fish%20Pakora $9

Fish Pakora

Crispy fried fish coated with…

http://Fish%20Chilli $12

Fish Chilli

Battered Fish tossed with Bell…

http://Dal%20Tadka $11

Dal Tadka

Yellow lentils authentically tempered with…

http://Chicken%20Curry $15

Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked to perfection with…

http://Chilli%20Chicken $15

Chilli Chicken

Battered chicken, wok-fried with a…

http://Dal%20Makhni $12

Dal Makhni

Black lentils simmered overnight finished…

http://Butter%20Chicken%20Poutine $12

Butter Chicken Poutine

Crispy Fries served with Butter…

http://Chicken%20Malai%20Tikka%20(Boneless) $15

Chicken Malai Tikka (Boneless)

flavorful roasted chicken with ginger-garlic,…

http://Saag%20Paneer $13

Saag Paneer

Mustard greens – spinach with…

http://Buttery%20Paneer%20Tikka%20Masala $14

Buttery Paneer Tikka Masala

Marinated and roasted cottage cheese…

http://Methi%20Malai%20Matar $14

Methi Malai Matar

Rich and creamy curry made…

http://Aloo%20Gobi $12

Aloo Gobi

Blanched potato & cauliflower cooked…

http://Coconut%20Chicken $16

Coconut Chicken

A South Indian Curry With…

http://Kadai%20Chicken%20(boneless) $15

Kadai Chicken (boneless)

Delicious curry made with chicken,…

http://Chicken%20Tikka%20Masala%20(Boneless) $16

Chicken Tikka Masala (Boneless)

Marinated and roasted chicken cooked…

http://Fish%20Curry $16

Fish Curry

Delicious gravy dish made with…

http://Ice%20Cream $4

Ice Cream

Mango, Pista, Vanilla, Chocolate, strawberry

http://Honey%20Chilli%20Cauliflower $10

Honey Chilli Cauliflower

Cauliflower fritters tossed with house-made…

http://Mushroom%20Chilli $12

Mushroom Chilli

Button Mushroom fritters tossed with…

http://Ganga%20Jamuna $6

Ganga Jamuna

Mouthwatering combination of hot gulab…

http://Chicken%20Kofta%20Makhani $15

Chicken Kofta Makhani

Spiced minced chicken dumplings cooked…

http://Malai%20Kofta $14

Malai Kofta

Rich cottage cheese dumplings cooked…

http://Soya%20Chaap $14

Soya Chaap

Soya bean pastry marinated with…

http://Soya%20Malai%20Chaap $14

Soya Malai Chaap

Flavorful roasted Soya bean pastry…

http://Butter%20Naan $2.50

Butter Naan

Flatbread baked in clay oven…

http://Plain%20Naan $2

Plain Naan

Flatbread baked in clay oven

http://Butter%20Roti $2.50

Butter Roti

Whole wheat flatbread baked in…

http://Bermuda%20Triangle $3

Bermuda Triangle

Trianglur multilayered whole wheat flat…

http://Aloo%20Parantha $5

Aloo Parantha

Shallow-fried flatbread, stuffed with Spiced…

http://Gobi%20Parantha $5

Gobi Parantha

Shallow-fried flat bread, stuffed with…

http://Onion%20Kulcha $5

Onion Kulcha

Flatbread stuffed with chopped onions…

http://Plain%20Roti $2

Plain Roti

Whole wheat flatbread baked in…

http://Paneer%20Kulcha $7

Paneer Kulcha

Flatbread stuffed with finely grated…

http://Sweet%20Lassi $4

Sweet Lassi

Sweet yogurt drink

http://Chicken%20Wings $13 - $50

Chicken Wings

Crowd pleassure Boldy spiced fried…

http://Rasmalai $4


Cottage cheese balls soaked in…

http://Garlic%20Naan $2.75

Garlic Naan

Flatbread topped with chopped garlic-coriander,…

http://Masala%20Naan $2.75

Masala Naan

Flatbread seasoned with in-house spice…

http://Laccha%20Parantha $2.75

Laccha Parantha

Multilayered flat bread baked in…

http://Methi%20Naan $2.75

Methi Naan

Flatbread topped with garlic-fenugreek, baked…

http://Tandoori%20Chicken%20(half/full) $15 - $23

Tandoori Chicken (half/full)

Chicken marinated overnight in a…

http://Cream%20of%20Chicken $8 - $12

Cream of Chicken

Cream of chicken with touch…

http://Cream%20of%20Tomato $6 - $10

Cream of Tomato

Cream of tomato with a…

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